Original Music

Live Shows

I have had the chance to perform live in many electronic Fesivals and venues arrouond the globe. such as Rainbow Serpant, Domune Tokyo, Burning Man Festival, Boom Festival , Ozora Festival, Urban Art Forms, The Block Club, Ageha Club, Glade Festival and many more.

Studio Albums / Projects :

LOUD - Some Kind of Creativity (2006)
Eitan Reiter - Places I Miss that I havn't Been to (2007)
LOUD - Abstract (2008)
Unoccupied - Everyday life (2010)
LOUD - Free from Conceptual Thoughts (2010)
LOUD - No More X (2012)
Eitan Reiter & Sebastian Mullaert - Reflections of Nothingless (2017)
LOUD - 5 Billion Starts (2017)
Eitan Reiter - Give it Life (2018)
Out of Orbit - Wisdom of the Crowds (2020)
Eitan Reiter &  Andras Nagi - Overview (Audio Visual)
Outdoor Sessions (A Youtube Project)